VMU athletes triumph at the Baltic Student Sports Games

Students of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) won 31 medals, including 18 gold medals, at the SELL Student Games held in Riga on 20-22 May. For the 37th time, athletes from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland competed in the Games.

VMU was the best performer of the 28 universities that took part in the Games, coming in the first place. The second and third places were also taken by universities from Lithuania. 15 gold medals were won by Lithuanian University of Sport students and 13 by Vilnius University athletes.

According to Dr Vladas Juknevičius, the Head of the VMU Sports Centre, VMU has always paid great attention to sports, providing opportunities for students to participate in sports and various competitions. “Even more attention is paid to the athletes because in the Academy of Education after the launch of sports-related studies, so the first place in the Games among all the universities in the Baltic States did not come as a surprise to us. Of course, we are happy about it, but we did not set out to do so. The most important thing for us was to prepare properly and to provide good conditions for the participation of the university athletes in the beautiful student sports festival”, – said V. Juknevičius.

SELL Games – Baltic Student Sports Festival, attracting a large number of athletes. The Games, which began before the war, are held in a different country each time. This year it was organised in Riga, and next year it is moving to the Estonian student city of Tartu.

VMU athletes won 18 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals.


I st place (63 kg.) – Aida Vasiliauskaitė

I st place (48 kg.) – Kostas Butkus

I st place (+78 kg.) – Modesta Milašiūtė

I st place (57 kg.) – Vaiga Čečytė


I st place (triple jump) – Dominykas Petrosevičius

I st place (100 m.) – Kristupas Seikauskas

II nd place (long jump) – Vaida Padimanskaitė


I st place (100 m. backstroke) – Ugnė Mažutaitytė

III rd place (50 m. freestyle) – Ugnė Mažutaitytė

Table tennis

I st place (doubles) – Vitalija Venckutė ir Eglė Jankauskienė

I st place (doubles) – Vytautas Rybakas ir Jokūbas Biveinis

II nd place – Eglė Jankauskienė

III rd place – Vitalija Venckutė

III rd place – Vytautas Rybakas

III rd place – Jokūbas Biveinis


I st place  (93 kg.) – Klaudijus Malevskis


I st place– Povilas Bartušis

I st place – Samanta Golubickaitė

II nd place– Ieva Gaidė

III rd place – Kotryna Remeikaitė

III rd place – Dovydas Razas

I st place (doubles) – Povilas Bartušis ir Dovydas Razas

I st place (doubles) – Ieva Gaidė ir Samanta Golubickaitė

I st place (mixed) – Povilas Bartušis ir Samanta Golubickaitė

II nd place (mixed) – Dovydas Razas ir Ieva Gaidė

I st place (team) – Povilas Bartušis, Dovydas Razas, Samanta Golubickaitė, Ieva Gaidė ir Kotryna Remeikaitė

Beach volleyball

I st place –  Audrius Knašas ir Patrikas Stankevičius

II nd place – Viltė Bogdanovič ir Vytenė Vitkauskaitė

3×3 basketball (men)

I st place – Ernestas Sederevičius, Justinas Ramanauskas, Tomas Zdanavičius Ignas Labutis

3×3 basketball (women)

II nd place – Dominyka Paliulytė, Ema Januškevičiūtė, Gedvilė Savostaitė, Ugnė Mikštaitė


II nd place – Vitalijus Kozys, Domas Uosis, Dominykas Stenionis, Amandas Urkis, Gabrielius Čelka, Gytis Nemeikša, Julius Liesis, Martynas Pocevičius, Matas Repšys, Simonas Kriaučiūnas, Ernestas Sederevičius