Representative Sports

VMU Sports Centre organizes the formation of main team-sport teams (basketball, football, volleyball and etc.), ensures their physical preparation, provides access to competitions in Lithuania and abroad. Students who want to become a part of the University’s sports team must have at least minimal experience of sports.

Athletes of individual sports (athletics, swimming, badminton, table tennis, fencing, shooting, etc.) have a possibility to participate and represent the University in sports competitions, organized by Lithuanian Student’s Sports association. For the preparation process, students may use all sports facilities of the University, a university may mediate (if needed) to find a sports club or coach.

Athletes of the University, who have reached substantial sports wins, may be provided with a possibility for a free study plan, discount for tuition or other fees.

Individual sports

If you are interested to join the competitive sports of VMU Sports Centre and willing to represent our University, please, contact the Head of VMU Sports Centre (SAD) by following contacts: