Sporting University – Healthy Community  

A physically and mentally healthy person, who fulfils his or her maximum potential, becomes an ideal of modern society.  

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of movement are relevant in different stages of human development – it is important for human formation, development, maturation. According to experts, the need for movement, which forms at a very young age, continues throughout the life span.

Physical activity helps to control weight and improves psycho-emotional conditions. It was also found that persons who are practising sports are considered to have a better memory, it strengthens willpower and improves one’s self-esteem. Physical exercises improve physical capacity, which helps to reduce fatigue and allows us to work and/or study longer and more efficiently.

Morphological and functional changes, that are happening in the body of people who are regularly involved in sports, can help to prevent or delay some chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, some types of cancer, depression.

Physical activeness allows each member of the University community to express themselves, communicate with like-minded partners, improve their fitness, acquire knowledge and skills, meet new friends, compete with one another and develop the person as a whole.