”League Of Legends” esports team

The first VMU esports team will compete in League Of Legends (“LoL”), one of the largest esports disciplines, with tournaments taking place every year around the world. The first serious test for the team will be the Lithuanian Esports Association (LESPA) University Tournament, where the best team will have the opportunity to compete against other European student teams in the Master Championship, after this championship, participate in 15min “LoL” league is also planned.

VMU LoL esports team line-up:

Arnas Stepanauskas (top/mid) – a student of the VMU Faculty of Humanities, Francophone Languages and Cultures study programme, who has participated in the “European Masters” tournament several times and played against some of the best esports teams in Europe. A. Stepanauskas has been playing esports professionally for about six years, during which time he has reached the highest “LoL” Challenger rank many times, and lists his greatest achievement as coming second in the “RedBull” World 1×1 Championship. He has spent a lot of time playing in the Russian league and has also won several tournaments in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

Nerijus Šakinis (support) – a student of the Mathematics and its Applications study programme at the VMU Faculty of Informatics, who has been playing “LoL” since 2013. N. Šakinis is a winner of several Beta Lanes, 5th place in “BEL Season 2”, 1st place in “Infoshow 2019 EUNE”, and has won several smaller tournaments in Lithuania.

Žygimantas Vasiljevas (adc) – a student of the Marketing study programme at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management.  Ž. Vasiljevas used to play computer games for 30-40 hours a week before finding a job, this year he spends less time on esports – 10 hours a week. Žygimantas has participated in Lithuanian LAN events and won prizes in “LoL” tournaments.

Paulius Lapienis (mid) – a student of the VMU Faculty of Natural Sciences, Neurotechnology study programme, who doesn’t play esports much, but can boast a number of accomplishments: 187 lp Peak soloQ [EUW], tournament wins in “Battlefly”, “Challengermode”, “Clash”, and participation in the “Prime League Division 3” finals.

Domas Misiūnas (mid) – a student of the Law and Finance study programme at the VMU Faculty of Law, who has been playing “LoL” for eleven years, but only about half of those eleven years have been spent on esports. D. Misiūnas finished third in the last “LT Verse” tournament.

Liutauras Macius (jungle) – a student of the Agronomy study programme at the VMU Agriculture academy, Faculty of Agronomy, who has been involved in esports for three years and has experience in various leagues. L. Macius most memorable moments in esports were participating in “Ultraliga” and “LCL”, achieving the highest solo ranking, TOP 100 Challenger in the EUW region.