Bronze weekend for VMU Man Basketball team and VMU Volleyball players

Over the weekend, Vytautas Magnus University athletes took part in two major battles – European University Basketball Championship in Poland and European University Beach Volleyball Championship in Slovenia. VMU athletes returned from the championship with bronze medals.

European University Basketball Championship

On 20-27 of July European University Basketball Championship was held in Poznan, Poland. The championship attracted over 400 participants from 14 counties. VMU man basketball team also participated in the championship.

VMU basketball players started the championship with a victory over the University of Bologna (Italy) in 68:65 (15:25; 14:10; 21:19; 15:14). VMU athletes won their second victory in 107:60 (25:19; 30:10; 33:13; 19:18) against University of Rennes (France).

In playoff, VMU basketball players also started in victorious result 84:60 (20:27; 17:13; 27:6; 20:14) against the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

In the semifinals, VMU basketball players had to recognize the advantage of Beykent (Turkey) University team. The match ended with a score of 73:84 (7:20; 19:14; 29:22; 18:28). In the fight for the third place, VMU players met with the University of Rouen (France), which they surely beat with a score of 97:79 (27:21; 30:22; 19:23; 21:13).

The Champions title went to representatives of the University of Bologna, second place to Beykent University athletes and VMU became the third. Also, VMU player Paulius Sorokas was among the TOP5 championship players.

European University Beach Volleyball Championship

On 21-26 of July European University Beach Volleyball Championship was held in Koper, Slovenia. Vytautas Magnus University was represented by Oksana Rusnachenko and Vytenė Vitkauskaitė.

VMU volleyball players started the European Beach Volleyball championship with two victories: they beat the University of Debrecen (Hungary) 2:0 (21:10; 21:8) and 2:0 (21:6; 21:9) defeated University of Cologne (German) athletes.

First in the group, VMU athletes entered the second round of the playoffs with 2:0 (21:17; 21:10) victory over the University of Porto (Portugal) and 2:0 (21:17; 21:6) victory over the University of Vienna (Austria).

In the quarterfinals, VMU students played against Balikesir (Turkey) University and won 2:1 (21:16; 16:21; 16:14).

Unfortunately, the semifinals were not successful for VMU athletes – they lost 0:2 (20:22; 19:21) to the Austria University.

In the battle for bronze medals, V. Vitkauskaitė and O. Rusnachenko beat their opponents, Turkey University athletes 2:0 (21:15; 21:11), and got bronze medals.