Functional training

Vytautas Magnus University Sports Centre shares a complex of three functional trainings. War-up for 5-8 minutes before training. The exercise should be repeated 15-20 times.

Functional workouts are based on real-life movements such as walking, running, pushing, pulling, carrying, reclining, landing, and twisting. The workout is high intensity and the exercises require endurance, above-average muscle strength, good balance, and coordination. Strength and endurance training are good not only for the physical but also for the functional capacity of a person, which will make your daily life easier. Functional exercises strengthen muscles, develop balance, flexibility, and endurance. Functional training is characterized by a complex and comprehensive approach to the body, so training always combines the components of strength, endurance, stability, and mobility. Functional training is characterized by multi-articulated exercises of various directions, varying tempo, and intensity, which require movement control, body core stability, and strength. Various inventory is used in the training, for example, weights, balls, rubbers, unstable planes.