High-Intensity Interval Training

VMU Sports Centre partial with another five training sets. High-Intensity Interval Training – is a high-intensity interval training for the whole body. This workout can be done by both beginners and advanced. The workout is quite shot but very fun as it only lasts for about 30 minutes and after that, the persons feel seriously working out.

Training records:

First workout:

Second workout. Running on site 30-45 minutes, pulse – 140-160 tv/ min. (stop every 5-7 minutes to check pulse, should be 14-16 times in 6 s).

Third workout:

Fourth workout. Alternate running. Warm-up: 10 minutes jogging (warm-up we usually run about 30 % of our minimum speed) + dynamics exercise (in motion) 3 minutes. Main part: 45 s running in parallel and 45 s slowly (10-15 times without stopping). Fast – about 50 % your maximum speed, slowly – about 20 % at your maximum speed. Final part: 7 minutes running racket.

Fifth workout: