Sport and Health Week: the VMU community checked their physical fitness and took part in sports tournaments

On 4-8 April, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) hosted the Sports and Health Week, initiated, and organised by the VMU Sports Centre, which this year was dedicated not only to World Health Day, but also to the 100th anniversary of the University of Lithuania. For the fifth year running, the event aims to highlight the importance of health to the university community and to remind them of the need to take care of their physical condition. Throughout the week, the VMU community was invited to take part in various sports tournaments and Health Day.

This year, almost 300 participants took part in the VMU Sport and Health Week, competing in badminton doubles, football, volleyball, chess, and basketball tournaments.

For those who wanted to know themselves and explore the physical condition of their bodies, the Health Day was held in the laboratory, which was set up in the VMU ŽŪA Main building. Those who came could perform various tests to determine their physical strength and assess their physical development, assess their respiratory function, measure their oxygen saturation level, or blood oxygen level, their jump, and their maximum oxygen consumption. All the data were understood by the trainers of the Sports Centre, who advised everyone on relevant health issues.