VMU Sports Centre introduces an innovation – esports activity!

Esports is one of the fastest-growing contemporary media industries, so the rapid growth of esports and the emergence of this activity in the VMU Sports Centre is a natural step to keep up with the innovations that are changing the world of sports, destroying all stereotypes about computer games and their players.

Justas Kalinauskas, Deputy Head for Activities and Employment at the Sports Centre, says that the VMU Sports Centre is trying to keep up with global trends and innovations, and is therefore offering a new activity to the university community – esports classes. Students and staff will be introduced to the principles and the “kitchen” of this sports discipline, as well as participate in practical sessions and analyse the e-sports industry. In this way, the Sports Centre will aim to build a strong esports community at the university and to form representative teams.

“Esports is a unique sport where professional teams of players compete in video games for millions of prize money, we believe that this is not only the future, but the present”, says J. Kalinauskas.

Esports are characterised by the fact that all the basic aspects of the sport are reproduced by electronic systems, and the results of players’ and teams’ actions in esports are created through human-computer interfaces.

To participate in the esports sessions, please fill in the registration form, and we welcome everyone interested in video games and e-sports!